We wanted to use a platform that could help us make our online events as special as our in person events.

Haley Bohon
— Founder & CEO at SkillPop

SkillPop, the vibrant hub of community-driven learning, has long been known for its in-person classes that transform education into a social and engaging experience. Their classes are taught by local experts and pop up in intriguing locations, fostering an environment where learning a new skill is social, accessible, and engaging. They also utilize Crowdcast to create captivating virtual learning experiences. Let's explore their journey.

Transitioning to Online Learning with Crowdcast

SkillPop was renowned for its hands-on, in-person classes across the US, but the pandemic abruptly halted their events. This challenging period necessitated a transformation in their approach. This shift marked one of the most creatively challenging yet innovative periods for Haley, the founder of SkillPop. Transitioning into the online space, which was already saturated with competitors, required a unique approach. Crowdcast enabled them to create events that remained true to their essence yet set them apart. At one point, they hosted events on Crowdcast every night, showcasing adaptability in the face of adversity.

Utilizing Crowdcast for SkillPop Classes

SkillPop conducts small to medium-sized classes in collaboration with a guest teacher. The session starts with an introduction by SkillPop. This is followed by an introduction to the teacher, who then leads the class. These events cover a wide range of topics, including DIY crafts, business development for entrepreneurs, and personal growth subjects such as finance, gardening, and home design. Attendees pay per class for those that resonate with them.

Moderators play a crucial role in enhancing the virtual classroom by providing a conversational element and effectively managing the Q&A sessions. Even as in-person events returned, Crowdcast remained vital for public and private corporate classes, including team-building and specialized training sessions.

Preferred Features of Crowdcast

One standout feature that SkillPop appreciates about Crowdcast is its emphasis on prioritizing the speaker. This ensures that attendees can focus solely on the instructor without any distractions. Crowdcast’s interactive features actively involve students and foster a sense of presence. SkillPop aimed to avoid using a typical webinar tool. Instead, they wanted to create an environment where students feel fully engaged and motivated to participate. Since many of their viewers prefer watching replays, SkillPop also appreciates the ability to timestamp questions in Crowdcast. This feature allows latecomers to easily catch up on the most relevant details.

Attendee Engagement and Feedback

During the pandemic, SkillPop's events served as a valuable opportunity for students to connect with like-minded individuals. These events facilitated the formation of meaningful connections, providing a sense of security during uncertain times. Newcomers consistently find SkillPop's community to be welcoming and inclusive. Attendees particularly appreciate the high level of engagement, with the added bonus of being able to watch replays at their convenience.

Aligning with SkillPop's Organizational Goals

Crowdcast has proven to be the perfect platform for SkillPop, allowing them to replicate the special atmosphere of their in-person events in the virtual realm. The plug-and-play functionality has been invaluable, seamlessly integrating with their website and other processes for a streamlined experience. The engagement tools provided by Crowdcast have been instrumental in achieving SkillPop's mission of creating dynamic and interactive online learning experiences.

In a world defined by challenges, SkillPop's success with Crowdcast showcases the potential of innovative solutions in education, proving that engaging online learning experiences are not only possible but thriving. Learn more about SkillPop here.