Welcome to spring! 🌱 It's a crazy time on our planet. AI is making a grand entrance, and banks are a big question mark. And with all that, we believe in the power of community more than ever. We've been working hard and shipping one big release after another to make Crowdcast v2.0 even better for you and your community.

Here are seven highlights:

⭐ Product Updates

In-event donations & contributions 💸

Raise funds, receive contributions, and get donations with just one click… on a big button.

Password-less registration 🗝️

Say goodbye to pesky passwords when registering for events. Quickly register with just an email and a name. If your community is already logged into Crowdcast, they can still register with just one click as before. It's like magic.

Chat reactions 😍

Add all the emojis you could ever want. Have at it. Let your feelings be known.

Spotlight chat on stage 🔦

Even better than emojis, pull that comment right up to the stage. Make that person blush.

Host stadium-scale events 🏟️

Imagine a stadium…Well, specifically imagine 20,000 people in a stadium. That’s how many people can now fit in your event and growing. Planetary scale gatherings here we come! (But seriously, the tech we’re building for you is insane.)

A sleek new lobby

Discover what's live, upcoming, or recently ended. Jump in with a single click or simply hang out and chat.

Subtitles on RTMP mode

Make your message more accessible with this simple change. It's like speaking a universal language.

🎙️ Community Meetup

Did you miss this week's meetup? Catch the replay here. Remember, as a co-creator of Crowdcast, you can help shape the future. Save your spot for the April meetup here, where we'll be doing a deep dive on how to use referral analytics to increase registrations for your event. You won't want to miss it :)

🤝 Community Highlights

Crowdcast Welcomes Back hack.summit() 2023 — Happening March 31st

Hack.summit() is a virtual conference for developers, thought leaders, and tech enthusiasts. It has three goals: to educate all programmers, raise funds for non-profits, and encourage mentorship among developers. The conference has almost 40 sessions, including panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities on topics such as software development, blockchain, and AI. Fun fact: The first Hack.summit() was held on Crowdcast way back in 2014 (before we were a company)

Click here to register and optionally donate to a coding non-profit →

There are far too many updates to list here, but as always, you can follow them here.

Haven’t tried the new crowdcast yet? Email us and we’ll set you up with a 20% spring discount.

Have questions? Join a demo or request one here.

Enjoy the extra sunshine and fresh air; it’s going to be an eventful spring.